Comparison: Carson Palmer vs. Jason Campbell

Completion %


TD passing



Carson Palmer 59.1% 1375 8 7 78.3
Jason Campbell 65.6% 1197 6 6 84.3

You can see that stats-wise, Jason Campbell is doing just about as well as Carson Palmer.  The fact is, though, that Palmer has had some incredible game-winning drives, and his is better than Campbell and has played better.

But Palmer also has a much better offense at every position except tight end.

The point is that while  Campbell hasn’t played great this year, he hasn’t been any worse than he was last year, and he’s getting too much blame.

Starting him against the Eagles is the right decision, and after the year, he’ll go somewhere else and have a chance to start.

I just wish the Skins hadn’t put Colt Brennan on injured reserve.  It’d be nice to see what he can do.

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