Redskins should not trade Haynesworth because they need better pass rush

Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins should compromise so that Albert can put on his helmet and play. Photo by Mike Frandsen.

Although it’s tempting, the Redskins shouldn’t trade Albert Haynesworth.  I make the case in an article on  If Sunday’s 30-27 overtime loss to the Houston Texans showed anything, it’s that the Redskins could use another pass rusher besides Brian Orakpo.  True the Skins got 5 sacks, but the Texans threw the ball 52 times, and Matt Schaub had time to throw.

And although Haynesworth is not a pure pass rusher, he can line up at defensive end sometimes and also create space for the other players like Andre Carter and Adam Carriker.

Haynesworth didn’t play against the Texans because of a sprained ankle.  It’s possible that the Redskins didn’t want him to reinjure the ankle since they’re trying to trade him.  Or maybe Shanahan was showing Albert who is the boss and punished him by not only not starting him, but not playing him.  Or maybe Albert refused to play.  Of course, this is speculation, but something about the situation doesn’t seem right.

Both sides probably want a trade, but there’s a very real chance it won’t happen if the Skins can’t get enough.  So my point is that everyone should make the best of the situation and Haynesworth should try to have the best year possible.  Line him up at nose tackle, defensive end, and alternate between the two.  Shanahan is trying to change the culture at Redskins Park, but talent is talent, and a motivated Haynesworth can make a huge difference.

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