ESPN and Adam Schefter hate the Redskins again

This little jerk Adam Schefter is giving the Redskins the short shrift again. First he rails against Art Monk’s candidacy for the Hall of Fame.

Now he lists four great offenses in the context of the Denver Broncos averaging 44 points a game this year.

Packers – 35 ppg 2011

Patriots – 36.8 ppg 2007

Rams – 32.9 ppg 1999

Vikings – 34.8 ppg 1998


But what about the 1983 Redskins, who averaged 33.8 ppg, more than the 1999 Rams. And the Skins did it in an era that was much less prolific in putting points on the board. They would have put up 40 a game today.

Let’s face it – ESPN discounts all of the D.C. area teams.


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