NFL Network: way too many Cowboys

Just watching an NFL Network “roundtable.”  The four guests?  Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Daryl Johnston and Brian Billick. Three of the four are ex-Cowboys.  The NFL Network, ESPN and other networks go way overboard with all their former Cowboys on TV.  It’s sickening.  At least Emmitt Smith is no longer on ESPN.  He was awful.  It’s bad enough that the Redskins are mediocre. It’s even worse to constantly get Troy Aikman or Johnston as our game announcers.  And of course, every time the NFL Network or ESPN replays old Super Bowls or regular season games, they ignore the Skins and play Dallas, or Green Bay (Favre).

And what about Favre being the 20th best football player ever and Sonny Jurgensen not even making the list on’s list of Top 100 players?  Pathetic.

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