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Steve Wulf of lied and misrepresented quotes in Redskins name change article

September 2, 2014

This Redskins name change controversy is a fire that is flamed by the media. It’s full of propaganda. This is what I wrote in the comments section about Steve Wulf’s article, “Why use of Native American nicknames is an obvious affront.” However, after I wrote the comments below, ESPN hid my comments from view. Wulf basically lied in the article to get his point across. See below.

“There are several problems with this article, which is par for the course for, Steve Wulf.

It is NOT accurate that Art Monk and London Fletcher have advocated a name change as you imply when you say, “Despite pleas from such former team greats as Art Monk and London Fletcher…” Saying it should be up for debate in no way whatsoever is synonymous with saying that they have made “pleas.” Please.

It is NOT accurate that “Barack Obama, said the name probably should be changed.” Obama said it should be considered. There is a big difference.

When you misrepresent the facts completely, how can the other items you’ve claimed to be true be trusted?”