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Robert Griffin III and Redskins open vs. Eagles on Monday Night Football

September 9, 2013

Robert Griffin III in training camp in 2012. Photo by Bill Bride.

The Redskins are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles tonight in the Monday Night Football season-opener. Robert Griffin III is about to take the field.

Michael Vick just threw a pass that was ruled a backwards pass. Ryan Kerrigan knocked it down and DeAngelo Hall brought it back for a TD. Replays showed that the pass actually appeared to go slightly forward, but there wasn’t enough evidence on replay to overturn the call.

Chip Kelly’s Eagles offense quickly moved down the field before the turnover.

It’s 7-3 Redskins in the first quarter.

In my latest article on Bleacher Report, I predict the Redskins will go 11-5 despite the fact that of the last 10 teams to go 10-6 one year after a losing season, only one of those teams went on to have a winning season after their 10-6 season.

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Skins should sign Westbrook

February 24, 2010

The Redskins should definitely sign Brian Westbrook, who was cut by the Eagles yesterday.  When healthy he’s still one of the best running backs in the NFL.  He’d be a perfect complement to Clinton Portis, who is one of the worst pass catching running backs in the NFL.  The Skins would immediately get much better by signing him.  Don’t worry about the criticism of signing a big-name player at a skill position who is past his prime.  He may have a few good years left — even if he only has one good year left, everything in the NFL nowadays is year to year.  The Saints went from 8-8 to winning the Super Bowl.  The Cardinals were in the Super Bowl two years ago with a 9-7 record.